We are still shipping orders during Covid-19

Delivery Information

Our expecting shipping time can range between 3 weeks from the date of receiving the shipping confirmation email. We remind you that shipping times may due to the current situation.
We remind you that the shipping time depends on delivery location. You can also monitor any time your order through the tracking you received per email.
Make sure you place your order from the Vibsty website of the same country you would like to ship to. Also remember that the billing address and shipping have to correspond to the same country.
If your order has not arrive beyond the time of shipping, then contact us via mail and we will gladly assist you tracking your order.


Service Updates due to COVID-19 

Deliveries of post, parcels and other shipments in these difficult times are important for society. We will therefore continue with deliveries as long as it is safe, taking care to do so responsibly. During the corona crisis, ordering online is a safe, easy way to get products into your home. 

We want to assure our costumers that, despite the situation the world finds itself in, the time and method of shipping will not be affected. Therefore, we will continue to ship on a regular basis, although in some cases there may be delays due to Coronavirus.